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The Imfection Watch for Perfectly Imperfect Couples

The Imfection Watch for Perfectly Imperfect Couples

There's a famous saying that the perfect relationship is just two imperfect persons who won't give up on each other. Life is dynamic and far from perfect. Instead of spending our time on finding the unfindable missing pieces, learn to appreciate the beauty in flaws.

Named after the peculiar missing piece on the dial, the Imperfect collection glorifies and turns imperfections into beauty. Sophisticated yet versatile, the Imperfection watches are the best choice of gifts for perfectly imperfect couples.

Imperfect Line

The Imperfect Line collection symbolizes the beauty of embracing our imperfections. Our perfections and imperfects are linked together closely and it's only when we embrace both of them fully that we can understand the true definition of beauty.

Imperfect Angle

The Imperfect Angle timepiece represents the beauty of being unique and is a gentle reminder to look at things carefully as we might discover something special.

Imperfect Arch

An unconventional reminder to see the beauty in being bizarre, yet authentic. The Imperfect Arch’s asymmetrical shape shows us that we can find balance in asymmetry and dares us to find beauty in being imperfect.

Imperfect Square

The Imperfect Square timepiece strikes you with its straight and sharp lines. Staying conventional and compelling, it stands out remarkably in its odd design.

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