True to its slogan, Ordinarily Unique, KLASSE14 is excited to announce its collaboration with Japanese Hong Kong-based artist, Soko Izumi; featuring a first-of-its-kind “Hong Kong Map” strap design to go along with its best-selling and iconic K14 watch collection.

Soko Izumi, is a Japanese TV host, emcee and model. Visiting Hong Kong for the first time in 2007, the international superstar fell in love with the culture and made the big move. In 2016, he started his own YouTube channel, “SOKO IZUMI SOYUKI Why did I come to Hong Kong? How can I go to Hong Kong?”(SOKO 和泉素行我點解來咗香港? 我は何しに香港へ?)

The “Fish Ball Taro” (魚蛋太郎) and “International Superstar Uniform” (國際巨星戰衣) are some of Soko’s many artworks for the city. Soko has also collaborated with famous Hong Kong directors to broadcast films that introduce the Hong Kong scene.

The Soko-designed watch straps infused the unique map of Hong Kong. There are 5 unique straps with camouflage patterns in this collection – Noisy Chaos, Purple Pink, Happy Hope Yellow, Instinct White and Adventurous Black. Each of them has their own distinct meaning – Noisy Chaos represents the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Purple Pink represents the harmony of men and women. Happy Hope Yellow is a homage to the classic Japanese movie <幸せの黄色いハンカチ> The Yellow Handkerchief. Instinct White is a symbol of purity, sincerity and intuition. Adventurous Black is a symbol of hope in darkness and to have the adventurousness within them to move forward.

The Soko x KLASSE14 collection features the K14 watch strap and a specially designed pocket tee and was launched in an event hosted by Soko Izumi at the KLASSE14 Flagship Store in the K11 Art Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui on June 12, 2021. The event was attended by many fans and friends of Soko Izumi.

Keen to get your hands on Soko Izumi’s designs? Shop the collection below.