The Okto collection is defined by sharp and striking lines, boasting a unique octagonal shape that’s inspired by the bright colors and extravagant bold shapes in a futuristic Eden. In its bold 36mm size, the Okto 36mm timepiece is perfect for an everyday, stylish timepiece.


Uncovering the details of our Okto 28mm timepiece is truly what draws the eyes in. A dainty appearance is given to the versatile, octagonal-shaped timepiece.


The Volare is our most versatile watch design, inspired by an eagle taking flight across a convex-shaped dial. Uncovering the details of our Volare timepieces is what should truly captivate the wearer. Take flight and make every second extraordinary.


One of the most quizzically unique pieces in the Volare collection. The Volare Rainbow is the unrivaled blend of exceptionality and outlandishness. The lustrous and iridescent blend of colors boasts a personality of its own.


Inspired by the mythological character, the Taras collection is Volare’s most extreme evolution. Sporting the same adventurous flair of the Greek hero, it boasts an outdoorsy and active look for the busy and functional.


Perfect with our 40mm to 44mm watches, the Volare Chronograph collection is ready to let your style take flight. This +S collection comes in Dark Chronograph and Silver Mesh – both sleek and bold in their own way.


With its muted hues and powdered, earthy tones, the Miss Volare collection evokes all the romantic mysteries of the desert. Feel the warmth of the sunbaked landscapes and swirling red dust rising up from the deep blues and purples of the horizon with this ultra-chic timepiece.
  1. VO17MV004W
    Miss Volare - Coral 36mm
    Special Price USD107.50 Regular Price USD215.00 50% off
  2. VO17MV002W
    Miss Volare - Mustard 36mm
    Special Price USD107.50 Regular Price USD215.00 50% off
  3. VO17MV003W
    Miss Volare - Adriatic Blue 36mm
    Special Price USD107.50 Regular Price USD215.00 50% off


Inspired by the brilliant colors of the sky throughout the day, the Sky collection features an eye-catching gradient dial. Each timepiece begins with the colors of dawn, then blending the warm tones of sunrise to the cool hues of midday, until finally melting the elegant softness of dusk to the mysterious shades of the midnight sky.


The Galaxy collection was brought to life by the universe itself. Fabricated by the brazen planets, Mars, Mercury and Neptune, each of the timepiece has a distinct two-color tone case that slowly fades down the dial, creating an effect that resembles the three planets and their dark shadows.