We believe in continuous evolving and we are not afraid to express ourselves.
We stand out from the crowd and we do so with pride and conviction.

KLASSE14 strives to inspire a new generation of creative personalities and unique thinkers. 

The marriage between decades of world-class engineering and our Italian Creative Director Mario Nobile’s visionary design produces fashion-forward products of outstanding quality. Each crafted piece is a personal statement. Our one-of-a-kind designs exude style and provide an avenue to express yourself and your individuality.

Time is priceless. The hours, minutes and seconds that tick by cannot be saved; they can only be spent – which makes every single moment truly precious. KLASSE14 allows us to celebrate and share time with our loved ones. Wearing time on our wrists means that we capture and treasure these beautiful moments… and keep them close to our hearts.

Enhance the richness of life with an alternative luxury. Bring a uniqueness to each ordinary moment.

KLASSE14 – Ordinarily unique.