Klasse14 Concept Store Opening Party

The grand opening of our flagship concept store in Hong Kong finally
took place on the 1st of March. We were absolutely overwhelmed by
the number of guests who came to our store on Wyndham Street in
Central - the sight of it was astounding!

Covering two floors, every part of the concept store’s interior was
thoughtfully designed to convey the brand’s core concept of “Ordinarily
Unique”, using pure white decor and rose gold finishings, as well as
beautiful neon display of our signature holding hand icon.

Many of our beloved brand ambassadors and KOLs were invited to
join our opening ceremony, as well as our esteemed guest: Ms.
Angela Yuen, one of Hong Kong’s most popular idols. The whole event
was extremely animated, with the sounds of laughter and conversation
permeating throughout the space; many guests excitedly admiring all
our watch collections in their sleek glass cabinets or taking photos with
our stunning installations.

The store is now open to the public - come by and visit us!