K-OOL Party

K-OOL party

Highlights of the K-OOL Party
On October 13th, KLASSE14 invited new media platform: CIQI, to
organize the K-OOL Party at XSPACE Shanghai.

K-OOL party toasting
K-OOL party Watch
K-OOL party Showcasing

KLASSE14's creative director, Mario Nobile, welcomed everyone with
an opening speech.

Mario Nobile
K-OOL party background

Resonating with the K-OOL collection's theme and design, the venue
was filled with polygon patterns composed of silver reflective materials.

K-OOL party models
K-OOL party models

At the party, our guests were entertained with mini polygon-themed
games and amazing music played by the DJ!

Having fun interacting with all the installations in the "new media area"
made 4 hours pass in the blink of an eye!

More KLASSE14 events coming up - stay tuned!