Dear Japan, 
Don’t ever stop being you. 

We are excited to share with you the moments we captured in this whirlwind of a journey. This Summer we will unveil our love letters to Japan. Watch this space.

Look at me in the eyes

There is a surprise around every corner in Japan.


This is a world where heritage and modernity work in perfect harmony.

Play with me

Tokyo is a city where trends are born. KLASSE14 spent a magical 24 hours exploring the streets of Shibuya and other iconic neighbourhoods, gathering inspiration from the cutting-edge technologies, leading fashions and trendy lifestyles. 

A tribute to Japan

At KLASSE14 we share the same respect for traditions from our past, while also pushing boundaries into the future. And so, we pay homage to the frenetic neon lights and delicate sakura. the glittering skyscrapers and mountain- side hot springs..

Escape the ordinary

Only a celebration of individuality.  We are all trying to escape homogeneity.  Each finding new and creative ways to be ourselves and express ourselves.

Ordinary life does not interest me

Classic never goes out of style

Hold my hand

Beauty in nature and beauty in technology exist hand in hand. In a place as alive as this, anything is possible.

Hey babe take a walk on the wild side

Every street feels like a catwalk. There are no rules. No limits.

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Our video and photographic portraits aim to showcase the raucous energy of the city, and celebrate the rich style and culture of the people who call it home. Along the way, we encountered many curious characters and shared the company of some wild personalities.