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Volare Solar

When Solar Meets Sustainability

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Volare Solar

When Solar Meets Sustainability

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Disco Volante Stardust

Unveil the secret of the UFO with a customized Disco Volante on your wrist. Design your own UFO-inspired timepiece with your special message engraved at the side of the watch today and let the constant exploration of the great mysteries begin.



The Duality +J collection is a symbol of who we are as human beings. The out of the box, unconventional and paradoxical features of each piece is designed to be impactful and worn with a purpose.

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The best example of contradiction in a watch. Named after the peculiar missing piece on the dial, Imperfect glorifies and turns the imperfection into beauty. Sophisticated yet versatile, this watch has conquered a great number of followers. Featuring different dial shapes as many as different colorations, the collection is an all-time favorite for the trendsetters.

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As the first and the most iconic design from Klasse14, Volare combines a flying eagle inspired dial and a convex-shaped dial that hugs the hands, setting itself apart from anything around with its minimal yet bold manner. It is also by far the most versatile watch model with hundreds of variations, echoing with the meaning of Volare “flight” in Italian.

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Winter is just around the corner. Just because the coming few months can be really cold, doesn’t mean your style needs to be that way too. It’s time to be creative with your fashion accessories and look hot when it's cold. If you are feeling uninspired in the cold, worry not more because we've got you covered! We've got you the perfect winter-themed watch straps to give your KLASSE14 Volare 36mm & 42mm an epic winter makeover to shine on cold, gloomy days in the winter.

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